We charge a MINIMUM OF 100$ for any tattoo we do. Otherwise, the rate is 150$ an hour depending upon the artist you work with.

Our studio is a big open room. While we have screens for privacy if need be, we recommend wearing suitable clothing to be tattooed in. Make sure where ever you're planning to be tattooed is easily accessible! Also, keep in mind that tattoo ink does not come out of fabric once stained...and don't wear your nicest shirt/pants/underwear/etc, as the possibility of ruin is very real.  

We !! DO NOT TATTOO MINORS !! for any reason!! Seriously. 18+ only. Trust us, you can wait. A valid state or government issued ID must be presented to us the time of your appointment.  

We DO NOT tattoo drunks, dopers, or otherwise intoxicated people.

We WILL NOT tattoo your hands or neck unless you are already HEAVILY tattooed. 

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason!